Katia Barrett and Nick Carlisle: drums, singing, synthesizers, Monotron, Kaoss pad, guitars etc.

"PEEPHOLES are Katia Barrett and Nick Carlisle - a synth /drums duo defining their unique sound with both discipline and disorder. Barrett and Carlisle originally from Bahrain and Northern Ireland respectively met in Brighton in 2006 after bonding over a Chinese violin and the quietest of music. They quickly turned the volume up and hit on their winning strategy of soaring, stammering synth lines, primal drumming and low-slung vocals.

Treading a tightrope between underground punk and dance music, Peepholes write cloaked anthems as likely to open celestial gates with keys of repetition as to soundtrack a Dark Age future. Their music is otherworldly, aching with wild beats, echoing with cavernous atmospheres." (Upset The Rhythm)

Peepholes Peepholes Peepholes Peepholes